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Officially born in 2018, curated since 1993.


"BIBERON"; spanish, french and italian for "baby bottle", was designed and founded by me, Basema Hamied, in 2018. I was born in Chicago to a Palestinian father and an Irish American mother, but grew up in Manchester, CT. A lifelong creative and largely self-taught, it was always my dream to work in the arts, but the arts is not a poor man's sport. Having had no money most of my life, having lived in deeply toxic and abusive places where survival was my day to day reality, the only thing that brought me hope and freedom, was art. As a child (and even still) old black and white films and shows transported me to a different world and watching drag helped me find people that I could truly relate to; people who were uncomfortable in their own skin, who were told daily and felt to their core how unloveable they were because of other people's unkindness, but found salvation in their ART; these things were my lifeline and deeply influential to my work today. BIBERON was born from a lot of pain, but has become a journey of love and creation. BIBERON is my baby and the baby bottle; the comfort to my soul; that I carry around with me everyday. It is bright and beautiful and happy and I hope that everyone who wears it will feel the same.

From this small town girl to everyone who has supported me, there aren't enough words to thank you.